Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trap gas before it leaves your pants.

Everyone gets gas, and everyone farts.  Yes, some people do have more of a problem with this than others but usually it's not something you can control, unless you buy 'Subtle Butt'.  This is a disposable pad that you put in your underwear that deodorizes your farts before they even leave your pants! This company has a whole range of items that deal mostly with hygiene.  I would look into buying their 'Skid Out' that removes those pesky toothpaste drips and deodorant from your clothing, but 'Subtle Butt' is just way too out there.  Why would anyone want to walk around with this pad stuck to their ass just in case they have to fart? And what about guys that wear boxers, how are they supposed to use this without it falling out of their pant leg?? All in all, I think this is a ridiculous product and that someone wasted their time and energy. I honestly doubt that it works, and wonder WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY THAT?!??! (but if you have used it, let me know what it's all about, I'm still curious)
Garment Guard Subtle Butt, Disposable Gas Neutralizers 5 ea
Also, check out the commercial that the company put out for the product......