Monday, February 22, 2010

DELICIOUS, if you want a chipped tooth!

There's nothing wrong with keeping a bowl of fruit on the dining room table or even on the kitchen counter, but only if its REAL FRUIT!  There is an over abundance of fake fruit in the world, but people keep buying it therefor it continues to be produced. BUT WHY?!!??  All they do it collect dust or cause pain to children. I don't care how pretty it looks to have perfectly ripe looking fruit displayed, you know what would be even better DISPLAYING REAL FRUIT THAT ACTUALLY SERVES A PURPOSE!!
Capiz Decorative Pear (Green)                Capiz Decorative Pear (White Gold)
So again I state, WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY THAT?!??!

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  1. Ahaha! Oh gosh, I totally get what you mean! I have witnessed someone get his tooth chipped at a party because he ate a fake pear that was quietly lying on the coffee table. Well, he was drunk that time, so we all cut him some slack. We immediately rushed him to my dentist in Miami to have his tooth examined if it's a candidate for veneers. Well, it was, so now he has his smile back. Lucky him!