Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SAVE THE GOATS, I mean goatees?

I've been fortunate enough to have never had to shave my face, this may be because I am a girl but I'm still grateful.  I don't know what goes through a guys head when they decide to shave their facial hair into odd shapes and designs, but evidently some of them are really worried about symmetry.  I ran across this Goatee Saver on another blog about mens hygiene.  I think that this is semi-practical to have a template to help you shave your facial hair exactly the way you'd like it, but this thing is hideous!  I don't know who designed it but they made it look like a death trap.  I wouldn't put this in my mouth is you paid me.  If it were designed better, I might be on the positive side of this product but right now I'm not only wondering why anyone would buy that, but why would anyone want to put themselves in a muzzle?



  1. 'Manscaping' gone horribly wrong?

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